Successful Mac OS X 10.6 build, but...

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Successful Mac OS X 10.6 build, but...

Post by Ixohoxi » Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:43 pm

Hello to everyone, newbie poster but long-time Xmoto player here. Not anywhere as good as the experts, but still have a blast playing the levels I can!

So I have successfully built Xmoto 0.5.7 on Mac OS X 10.6, and from what I can tell everything works. New levels download, I can view the high scores, but what I don't have is an easily redistributable binary. I have a directory /usr/local/xmoto which contains a bin directory and a share directory. Inside the bin directory is a less than 5MB executable "xmoto", and inside the share/xmoto directory is a 52MB file "xmoto.bin" and an .ico file. Two other subfolders are in the share directory.

What might I be able to do, to make the ".app" file for redistribution? Any help is much appreciated.


Xmoto Player
Xmoto Player
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Re: Successful Mac OS X 10.6 build, but...

Post by vasi » Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:32 pm

I built a Mac .app for X-Moto 0.5.7: ...

Also, my build scripts are now available at github:

I tried contacting Nicolas about the new build, but haven't received a response. Is there someone else I should contact to get it added to the X-Moto front page?

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